EVELYN - St. Isidore Catholic Church, Yuba City, CA

“The feedback that was given to me after each assignment was extremely helpful and gave me so much clarity on anything I may have missed in the lesson.”

“What I appreciated the most about the Quince Prep course was the fact that it was for the most part practical and related things that happen around me.”


VALERIA - Archdiocese of New Orleans, LA

"I feel like it did revive my desire to get closer to God because I was in a position where I have felt like I never really was close enough to God. So, this program helped me learn a lot about God. Even though I still have a long way to go on my journey with God it really helped me understand him more (as a parent and a friend)."


DIANA - St. Dominic Catholic Church, Bolingbrook, IL

“Overall this preparation has changed me into a better person! This is a really fun and learning experience for a Quinceañera to go through and every church should have the quinceañera do this because it really makes you rethink things and take you on the path of God. I mostly worked with my family and made me happy to see my family come together and just talk about how things make us feel. God wants us to go to heaven but he gave us free will. It is up to us to pick his path and I do! Thank you very much!!!”


KARLA - Holy Family Catholic Church, Las Vegas, NV

“I’m very satisfied with this course because it really helped me and it showed me more about what’s a Quinceañera and it showed me more about God.”

“This Quince Prep did help me get more closer to God and it revived me ...”


CARMEN - St. Mary's Cathedral, Grand Island, NE

“I appreciated how it opened my eyes a little more to Jesus's word. At first, I didn't really care about losing my virginity but I learned that God wants me to wait until marriage on the day of my wedding so I am thankful for having now a better understanding.”


ANAHI - Holy Trinity Catholic Church, Monterey, CA

“My reasons for my choice of satisfaction with this course is that I got to learn the meaning of the Quinceanera, I learned new important things that I didn't really know about before, and I certainly learned more about my religion.”

“This prep revive my desire to get closer to god and his church. It revive my desire to get closer to god and his church because a lot of the information I already had an idea about but this quince prep helped me understand it more clearly.”


Theresa - St. Thomas More Catholic Church, Denver, CO

“I really enjoyed the preparation and I think it had very good information and good insight on what a Catholic Quinceañera is and why it is significant. I would recommend it to anyone who is planning on having a Quince, especially if they aren't as focused on the Catholic aspect of the celebration.”