Quinceañera Prep

This ancient celebration is a wonderful opportunity for a fifteen-year-old girl to reflect on the presence of God in her life. While some catechesis is necessary, it is mainly a time of deepening and anchoring her Faith. A time of dialog with her family, a time of dialog with Christ. A time to learn to be strong in the surrounding, secular world. A time to help her build strong foundations for her future and stay on her path to Holiness.

Today more than ever, Catholic girls need help facing the challenges of our society. CatholicQuincePrep.com is addressing this need by offering a spiritual and moral formation through an online, interactive, mentor-led course that helps girls build strong foundations for their future and stay on the path to holiness.

  • Age appropriate, simple, effective
  • Solid Catholic teaching of the faith from reliable resources: TOB, Holy Scriptures, CCC, etc.
  • Available 24/7 online, worldwide, in English and Spanish


Two speeds: Regular requiring at least ten (10) days, and Urgent Care, requiring a minimum of five (5) days.

NOTE: Instructors will not work on weekends, holidays, and Holy Days of Obligation (January 1st, August 15th, November 1st, December 8th and December 25th).

The preparation includes three assignments and two forms.
  • First form: Knowing You Better: where we would like you to tell us about yourself, your family background, spiritual life, hobbies...
  • Worksheet 1: God's Plan for Humanity: Holiness and especially for women through Genesis, in the light of the TOB; the real meaning of the Quinceañeras Celebration...
  • Worksheet 2: My life as God's Precious Child: Sacraments vs Blessings, Consecration to the Virgin Mary, Commitment to lead a Christian life, Personal Life Project...
  • Worksheet 3: In The Footsteps of Christ: Your body is a Temple: Moral vs immoral, formation of conscience, christian chastity in the light of Maria Goretti's story and the Virgin Mary as a role model of Christian virtues...
  • Feedback form: Your comments to the course (a copy of this with your Certificate of Completion will be emailed to your parish)

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