Getting to Know Your Quinceanera Tutor


Carmen Chávez-López

Carmen Chávez-LópezI was born in Lima, Peru in South America; and moved to the USA with my husband Rudy for work. I am an Elementary teacher and a professional translator. I also enjoy doing other activities for leisure like dancing, singing, hanging out with friends, and most of all traveling! My husband and I have traveled around a lot of this beautiful country!

Although we have no kids, we have been blessed with a happy marriage of more than 20 years. I love being part of Agapè Catholic Family Ministries! Working with the Quinceañeras is something I enjoy very much. In Peru, we celebrate los Quince Años as well but in a different way. I remember my dad asking me, “Carmencita, would you like a nice party for your Quinces or would you rather have a trip?” I bet you know what my answer was! ;) I treasure in my heart and mind the best memories of our family trip to Argentina that year!

My love for God, my husband, my family in Peru, and my friends (in this order of importance) is my number one value! I feel really blessed for having all of them in my life!

Myrna Castaneda

I am originally from Peru, and came to the US because of my husband’s job. I am the Spanish teacher for the elementary level at a Catholic school. My husband, Carlos, and I, have been married for almost 25 years. We have three amazing daughters, Carla, Brenda and Lucia, who are all in college.

To be 15 is really special for a girl and her family. I still remember my own Quinceañera, planning it with my mom and then my dad’s emotional words asking God’s blessing and guidance for me. Time passed and there I was, planning three Quince celebrations for my girls, and…one of them was double because we were blessed with twins

I am so happy to be part of this special moment in a young girl’s life.

Martha Rivera

I am originally from Colombia, and came to the US to work on my Masters in Business Administration.
However, God had better plans for me, and I ended up taking a Masters in Pastoral Ministry and working in a retreat center for young people!

That's why now I'm doing God's business; I have been working within the Catholic Church in the area of Youth Ministry for more than ten years.

I love working with young people, and it's an honor for me to be part of this ministry with Quinceañeras since this is a very special opportunity for growth in their lives.

My husband Lee and I have been married for three years. We enjoy praying, traveling and exploring new places, espeically Churches!

It is wonderful to be part of Agape Catholic Ministries that reaches out to many places.

Marisabel Tomko

I was born in Venezuela but moved to the United States by the time I began first grade for my mother's studies. I come from a divorced household and am the only child. This made things a bit more complicated as my mother and I moved back and forth between Venezuela and the United States. Eventually, forced by the incoming political situation, my mother pursued a career in the U.S. that led her to meet my now step-father and allowed for us to remain in the United States as residents.

Although I was born and raised Catholic, I did not have a personal relationship with the faith or God until I was about to enter college. A combination of events, including a failed engagement, put my faith to the test and led me to pursue God as He is and not as I wanted Him to be. By being more involved in my local parish and partaking in a mission trip, I was introduced to my now husband, Sean.

God has continued to show me incredible mercy as He has gifted me with a God-centered family that continues to strive for holiness each day. I am now a stay at home mother to Dominic who was born in 2018. Becoming a wife and mother at a young age is certainly trying in this day and age but I try to seek the Lord's will in the mundane of being at home.

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