My mom and I worked on it together and we both liked it a lot. Since I go to school by where she works it gave me time to go hang out with her at work and do this with her where we would be uninterrupted, which was really nice. We both learned a lot! I liked everything but especially the interview to my parents.
(Juanita - Sacramento, Ca. April 2012)

Wow! Juanita Tutor's feedback for my daughter was awesome and it gave her such a higher level of self esteem and encouragement. I was really surprised on how much I personally gained and liked this program. Every girl who is going through the process leading up to her Quinceañera should go through this program!
 (Juanita's mom, Josie - Sacramento, CA. April 2012)

My overall impression of this preparation is that I really liked the way that this program prepared me. It allowed good discussions with my family and friends. It did enable us to talk among each other. Thanks!
(Elizabeth- Greeley, CO. June 2012)

This course helped me understand how important it is to be close to the Church and God. Thank you!
(Yulisa - Sacramento, CA. June 2012)

This preparation was really good. I loved it! It taught me so many things I never knew. Some of the things I did know, but others amazed me. I LOVED it! I did it mostly with my family. When a question would come up I would ask them and we would discuss the question from many different points of view. What I appreciate the most was getting the emails from my tutor because I knew I wasn’t doing this alone and she showed that she cared about all of my answers. She was very helpful; cleared up anything and encourage me to do well. Thank you for everything!
(Natalea - Sacramento, CA. July 2012)

I read through all the links and watched all the videos and power points. I found them to be very interesting. I learned a lot from them! I appreciate the time I got to spend with my parents as they helped me. Since my parents are limited in speaking English while asking questions it gave us time to bond. I have always enjoyed going to church and being a child of God; however, after this experience I feel closer and more knowledgeable.
(Alondra - Sacramento, CA. July 2012)

I like that now I know why I have to keep pure until marriage. I really liked this prep and would give it a 10!
(Cristal- Greeley, CO. August 2012)

I didn't have any idea of how it was going to be. I was surprised to get back comments on my answers with so much detail. It was nice to see some one was actually reading my responses and thinking about what I wrote. I was surprised to see an online class like this. I didn't think it would feel like I was actually doing with a teacher. It made me remember a lot of what I learned in class for confirmation... I think the class was really good for helping me get closer to God. It made us make time to sit together with my family and talk about things. Some times we just rush with things we have to do everyday.

I really enjoyed the lessons. When my sister had her celebration a few years ago they did not have her do this preparation. She would have enjoyed it. She really likes reading. My parents would have liked to do it with her also.

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