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Become a certified Catholic Quince Prep Leader!

This training is offered to parish and diocesan leaders who would like to facilitate the Quinceañeras Preparation at their own parish or diocese as a 2-Day retreat.


- Parish or diocesan leaders: Deacons, Youth Ministers, volunteers, etc. Need to be referred by the parish or diocese.

- Minimum age: 18 years old.

- Catholics in good standing with the church, especially regarding the importance of sacraments and Christian virtues: chastity, purity, and pro-life

- No experience is required.

- Trainees need to be proficient in English since this training is only available in English at the moment. They should also have appropriate computer skills.

- At the end of the training, participants will be asked to read and fill out our Agreement.


- This training is to be completed entirely online within 3 months.

- Trainees will be assigned to work with a certified and experience female mentor.

- Trainees will complete the same course teens will complete. The purpose of this approach is to “get the leader in the teen’s shoes” so they can experience what the teens will and develop an awareness sense of the teens’ needs.

- Female mentors review trainees’ work and provide an Answer Key for every assignment completed.

- Answer Keys offer a complete revision of the topics covered in it as well as some valuable teaching tips and advice as part as the training. Answer Keys are rooted in the teachings of the Catholic Church, the Theology of the Body (for teens) of St. John Paul II, and the CCC (Catechism).

- Upon completion of training, leaders will receive a Quince Prep Leader Certification and a set of instruction materials.

- This preparation is designed to be delivered in a 2-Day Retreat at parishes, separated by a week (example: 2 Saturdays).

- This is what the 2-Day Retreat will look like:

  • Day 1: 3 hours in the morning; 3 hours in the afternoon
  • Day 2: 3 hours in the morning; 2 hours in the afternoon followed by Confessions, Mass, and Chastity Ring Ceremony (if possible).


1- Getting to Know You FormParticipants respond to a few questions about their family background, spiritual life, hobbies, etc. so mentors can get know them and build a good rapport.

2- Quince: God’s Plan for Humanity, and especially for woman, through Genesis in the light of St. Paul II’s teaching: Theology of the Body (adolescents’ version). Participants will also learn about the real meaning of the Quinceañera Celebration as and act of thanksgiving for their life and faith.

3- Quince: My Life as God’s Precious ChildDifference between sacraments and blessings; importance of sacraments to stay on their path to holiness; commitment to lead a Christian life by setting concrete spiritual, physical, social, academic, and personal goals.

4- Quince: In the Footsteps of ChristYour body is a temple: morality vs. immorality, formation of conscience, vocation to Christian chastity and purity having the Virgin Mary as our greatest role model, and in the light of Saint Maria Goretti’s story.

5- Feedback FormParticipants complete this short form with their comments about the course.

Materials Included in the Training

One Leader's Manual
with the lesson plans with objectives for each session, materials needed, activities, resources, notes for leaders.
It also provides the possible answers for the questions teens will be asked.

Power Point Presentations that the leader will use to accompany each lesson.
These presentations will be emailed to the trainee at the end of the training.

Click on the image to the left to view a Flipbook presentation.


One Quince Notebook that every teen will use during the retreat.

Click on the image to the left to view a Flipbook presentation.


One sample of the double-sided Prayer Card

and one Purity Pledge Card for teens


US $150 (includes online formation, plus materials shipped in the US).

Books for your next Quinceañera class.



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